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from esmerald import Esmerald, Gateway, get

async def hello() -> str:
  return "Hello, World!"

app = Esmerald(


Create your applications with clear, and beautiful syntax.


Component oriented structure with design in mind.


Connect your old applications with ease.

Features that make your team more productive

With a set of out-of-the-box tools, spin up an application from inception to production in a matter of hours.

Increase your productivity with built-in middlewares.

Intercept any information before reaching your APIs.

Build custom extensions tailored to your unique needs.

Design access controls with the built-in permission system.

Integrate with any external third party with ease.

Extend your old applications directly into Esmerald.

Out-of-the-box integration with OpenAPI

Interactive documentation is a must nowadays.


Classic and default now called OpenAPI.


Alternative to Swagger and widely adopted


Create high-quality APIs at any scale.

Do you want to join?

Esmerald is open source, free and always will be. We look for enthusiastic developers who want to contribute and help growing the ecosystem.