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Third Party Packages & Integrations

Esmerald being an ASGI framework that also support WSGI through WSGIMiddleware also allows the integrations with third parties and their packages and frameworks.


Natively Esmerald does not integrate GraphQL, at least not for now. Instead there already available awesome working solutions built by great minds.


Great framework with great documentation and great examples how to use it. Currently they also have an integration with Starlette and that also means Esmerald. Their example is with Starlette but here we also provide an example for Esmerald.

from ariadne import QueryType, make_executable_schema
from ariadne.asgi import GraphQL

from esmerald import Esmerald, Include

type_defs = """
    type Query {
        hello: String!

query = QueryType()

def resolve_hello(*_):
    return "Hello world!"

# Create executable schema instance
schema = make_executable_schema(type_defs, query)

app = Esmerald(debug=True, routes=[Include("/graphql", GraphQL(schema, debug=True))])

The documentation can be found here.

Ariadne version 0.16.1


By the time of this writing, Starlette was in the version 0.21.0. Due to the nature of Esmerald, when installing Ariadne it will install a lower version and this will conflict with Esmerald. After you install ariadne make sure you reinstall Starlette>=0.21.0. Until a new version of the package comes out supporting the latest from Starlette, this is the workaround.

Esmerald Sessions

Manages sessions for Esmerald using Redis, Memcache or any custom backend.

Esmerald Simple JWT

Do you need to implement a JWT access with Esmerald and you don't want to spend a lot of timme configuring and designing the how to? Dymmond provides you with an out of the box solution for that with Esmerald Simple JWT.

Esmerald Simple JWT